Many Benefits Of Pentavalent Vaccine

One way to reduce infant mortality under the age of five years (toddlers) is to provide immunizations. The purpose of immunization is to create immunity against the virus and the disease that generally affects infants and children, so that they have a defense against the disease. Indonesia itself has implemented the mandatory basic immunization toddler fitted. While today has launched the latest basic immunization program of immunization with the pentavalent vaccine. What does this new vaccine?

VACCINE pentavalent is a combination of five vaccines to prevent five diseases. Head of the Bali Provincial Health Office, dr. Suarjaya Ketut explained, this pentavalent vaccine program announced by the Minister of Health of Indonesia in Karawang, West Java, on Thursday (22/8) last. " The first phase of vaccination was carried out in four provinces. Bali one of them. Administration has been started in early July, " said Suarjaya.

Suarjaya continued, the government has established seven basic immunization namely BCG immunization (for TB), polio vaccines (Polio), measles (measles disease), DPT vaccine (for diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus) and HB vaccine (Hepatitis B remedy) . " If that is now coupled to eight for the prevention of diseases in addition to the vaccine Hib disease (Haemophylus Influenza Type B), " he explained.

Fifth DPT vaccine is a vaccine (for diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus), HB vaccine (Hepatitis B remedy) and Hib vaccine is then combined into one pentavalent vaccine into. The new vaccine is expected to facilitate the provision of vaccines that protect against infectious diseases in children will increase. " The introduction of the new vaccine is also in order to accelerate the decline in infant mortality rate to 17.4 per cent, " said Suarjaya.

HIB vaccine that goes into the pentavalent vaccine could diharapkkan reduction in child mortality from pneumonia and encephalitis. According Suarjaya, Hib bacteria infection is very dangerous because it raises airway obstruction, septic arthritis to joint pain. In addition, cause skin infections that are usually found on the face, head or neck, pneumonia, fever, and shortness of breath. For Bali, Suarjaya said pentavalent vaccine has been distributed to each region. " The vaccine can be obtained at the health centers and neighborhood health center, " he explained. (san)