A Word About Understanding Your Vices

Author: Lewis L Lanier

I have "let myself go" a bit lately. Not that I've completely lost my way or anything, but I think we can agree that even the most dedicated of us have lapses in our motivation every now and then right?

Well anyway, as I said, in the past month or so I have gradually been getting worse at saying no to those things that I shouldn't be eating too much of.

I'm happy to say that I am currently in the process of getting back on track and I am confident that in a couple of weeks I will be well on my way back to where I was a month ago and hopefully with renewed vigor, read more city lips.

A Good Way To Look At Your Diet/Lifestyle

Dieting is a short term thing, but your diet is a long term thing and that will probably change over time. As healthy people though, we try to make our diets as healthy as possible.

Personally I accept that my diet won't always be perfect and I wouldn't want it to be, afterall, what's life without a little chocolate, pizza and cheesecake?

So I figure that what we should all aim for is to get our "average diet" in line with how we want to look and feel. If you have a bad day or week you can offset that by being extra healthy for the next week or two.

How To Get Ripped

Not everyone aspires to have a 6-pack or a flat tummy, so it is important that you understand what you are aiming for.

Basically, the leaner you want to be, the more you will have to sacrifice. Which actually brings me to the point of this post:

If you can control your vices, you will stay on track for more of the time

And that means you will reach your goals quicker and stay there more easily. Perhaps even exceeding your goals, who knows.

So I have been making some notes on my diet and here are a few items that cause my downfalls when they happen:


Not because I like them, but because I love cream cheese. The (low fat) cheese is actually pretty good for a bodybuilding diet, but the crackers that I spread them on are not!


Yup, they're healthy, but they are also full of sugar. They are better than chocolate, but still not great unless in moderation. Unfortunately, as a snack they are far too easy.

Dark Chocolate

Well, what can I say. It's better than milk chocolate, but if anything that just causes me to eat more of it. No excuses, I need to reign it in.

Chocolate Milk

This is what started it all, see I got some Nesquick when my little-sis (and mother in law) came over a few weeks back. I love chocolate but sadly there are few ways on this planet to get calories into your body more effectively.

How To Do Moderation

This is something I've never been good at, but we all have to try. The first step for me is to understand how many calories are in these things and be concious of what I'm eating.

Chocolate milk is delicious but no matter how I do the math, it's not worth it, ever: So I generally don't bother - there are better ways to get a sugar fix without dropping a quick 1,000 calories (seriously, I could, no problem).

And of course, you have to constantly remind yourself of these things because it's easy to forget and fall back into old habits.

Think of the perfect diet like sitting on a precarious ledge, you have to concentrate because as soon as you become complacent you will lose your footing and fall into the crevasse of calories below, and then you have to do that bloody climb all over again.

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